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In September 1997 an end of year footy tournament was held one Saturday in Cincinnati Ohio with five teams from around the USA, Los Angeles, Nashville, St Louis, a combined team from Kansas City/Louisville, the hosts Cincinnati of course and one team from Toronto, the Broadview Hawks. Prior to that…
Back in Little Rock Arkansas a twelve year old Seth McElvaney started following Aussie Rules Football after he came across a remote reference to the game in a set of Encyclopedias. He started watching games with some of his young friends when he could on the brand new ESPN channel.…
After growing up in Hobart the Capital city of Tasmania, Australia, in August 1997 Martin took up residence in Chapel Hill NC and so begun one of the most decorated footy careers of any USAFL player so far.  This isn’t just about 200 games at USAFL level, it is so…

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